Even more products added! October 22, 2016 08:11

As I said when I first launched this website, I always intended to expand my range. Due to customer demand I have just added three new products - Peerless soft and hard inverted gaslight mantles for all commercial outdoor and wall lamps and also the famous Aladdin R-150 Lox-on mantle! These mantles are now made by Peerless in the Philippines for Aladdin in the USA. I would be very keen to hear your feedback on their performance.

New Products Added! April 23, 2016 20:39

We have been working with the manufacturer of Peerless to develop new mantles that we think will prove very popular. The first is the DT-140 double tie mantle designed to fit the Tilley type burner along with the Vapalux and Bialaddin lamps. The second is the 22A mantle which is a direct equivalent to the Coleman #99 Mantle (a little smaller than the existing Peerless 24A). Both have been developed and tested vigorously and have proven extremely bright and durable as all Peerless mantles have proven to be.

Yttrium vs. Thorium September 4, 2015 21:52

Many will know that some mantles, which use Thorium as their main ingredient, are radioactive, while the Peerless mantles which we stock use a different rare earth element called Yttrium which is non-radioactive. The perception among some users is that the mantles made with Thorium are much I decided to find out:

Here are two Canadian Coleman lamps, a 550CP 635 on the left and a 550CP Kerosene 639 on the right, the 635 is running a Thorium mantle and the 639 has a Peerless Yttrium mantle. Can you spot the difference???

The Justmantles Blog August 9, 2015 21:24

Welcome to! So everyone knows and for the record, our mantles are NOT radioactive! They are made with alternative chemicals including Yttrium. Keep an eye here as I will be posting some interesting facts and useful tips as we go along.